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Texas A&M Athletics to Host 3rd Annual AMPLIFY Conference in Collaboration with Advance NIL
Advancing the Texas A&M Athletics Department

Bryan-College Station, TX – Texas A&M Athletics announced the collaboration with ADVANCE at the 3rd annual AMPLIFY Conference.

The conference, set to take place on Monday, November 13th, is a state mandated educational opportunity for all first-year student-athletes in regard to Name, Image, Likeness (NIL). All attendees will be required to complete five hours of essential financial literacy and life skills education courses.

The event, designed to empower student-athletes in the evolving landscape of NIL, will cover a range of crucial topics including:

  • Writing Your Personal Brand Playbook
  • Financial Literacy and Your Money Personality,
  • Introduction to Taxes
  • Decision-Making
  • Understanding Contracts


"As we enter the next phase of NIL at Texas A&M, education remains our top priority,” assistant athletics director of NIL Jamie Wood said. “Unlike other states, we are fortunate to operate under state laws that mandate education, and we have a dedicated team that firmly believes in the personal empowerment resulting from exposing our student-athletes to these invaluable learning opportunities."

The invitation to participate in AMPLIFY provides ADVANCE with an opportunity to showcase its expertise across NIL, life skills, career development and financial literacy—a key differentiator for their company. Drawing from ADVANCE's expertise, network of professional athletes and weekly campus immersions across the country, the team is well-equipped to collect real-time data and respond quickly to the rapid changes in collegiate athletics.

"This exciting conference underscores our firm belief that NIL is the new pathway to impart foundational life skills,” managing partner and co-founder of ADVANCE Luke Fedlam said. “Our education model caters to beginners and elites alike. Texas A&M's commitment to showcasing support for student-athletes by instilling skills applicable beyond their sports careers is commendable. We're thrilled to be in College Station."

Advance NIL (ADVANCE) is an unbiased industry leader in Name, Image and Likeness education, consulting and athlete development. They empower high school, collegiate, pro athletes, their families, and the entire ecosystem through financial, legal, business and life skills education. To date, ADVANCE has supported over 30 universities, most notably elite Power 5's but prides itself on its diverse client pool. They have an award-winning NIL Protective Education program and have collaborated with over a dozen NFL teams, the NFL Players Association, the NCAA, PIAA, MIAA, the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) and the Jr. NBA. Our team's diversity and real-world experiences provide enhanced relatability and unparalleled engagement and enrichment. ADVANCE is an organization that places a strong emphasis on excellence, being agile and elevating the standard across the sports industry. #AdvancingAthletes

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